Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Basics: Haircare

First things first (I'm the realest)--sorry, I had to. 

So, where to begin in the world that is blogging? I thought I'd start with the head and go down. And while writing this intro to my fabulous first blog post that's to come, I thought I'd explain a few things. 

First of all, I work in a salon which gives me access to the products that you can't come across at your local Target. Furthermore, these products are on the pricey side, even with a employee discount; however, I still can justify the purchase of them, because I truly want to see if they are worth the $30+ price tag. Over the past year I have tried countless products, some being craptastic, others being cliche "holy grail products". 

So, I've come to make a list of products that every girl must try, no matter what your budget may be. Without further ado, lets begin. 


Ahh, shampoos. It seems that there are about 1001 out there that all claim to give you Victoria's Secret Angel hair. However, I have compiled a list of products that are amazing for all hair types, and all budgets. 

1. Neutrogena Anti-Residue Formula Shampoo- $6.49, Ulta

This shampoo can do no wrong. With the classic Neutrogena smell, it is refreshing and deep cleansing, yet doesn't leave the hair feeling tight and squeaky (behave) after rinsing it out. I use this about once every two weeks, yet it can be used up to once every week, depending on how much product you put in your hair. I tend to not use hairspray or mousse, so once every two weeks is good for me. Be sure to follow up with a good, moisturizing conditioner afterward!

2. Clear Shampoo Total Care- $4.99, Target
This shampoo is great for all hair types. Even if your hair gets oily within a day like mine, this will not aid in the grease production at all. When used in tandem with the corresponding conditioner or any other one from the Clear line, you will have the coveted "salon hair"--Scout's honor. Out of all the drugstore brands, this is only one of the three I will trust with my hair. 

3. Moroccanoil Hydration Shampoo- $21.80, Morrocanoil.com
Ahhhh, Moroccanoil. The Scent! The conditioning power! The Scent! The good-for-hair ingredients! The SCENT! Did I mention it smells good? 
Moroccanoil has suddenly become very popular over the past year, with features in magazines like Allure, and for good reason. It contains Argan oil, the new cult ingredient amongst haircare lines. It is also sulfate, phosphate, and paraben free, so it is gentle on the hair. You have to work with the shampoo (it is quite thick), but once you dilute it will enough water, you will have what my stylist calls, "Princess Hair" (insert "Let it Go" solo here). And as for the smell, it can be described in one word: Daaaaaaamn. 

For the most part, I think that we all need a moisturizing conditioner in our lives. I don't quit get the idea of volumizing conditioners, because they tend too just be runnier than normal, and don't leave the hair nearly as hydrated. For good reason, they will be absent from this post, but if any of you have found success with them, please comment. 

1. Aquage Healing Conditioner, 6 0z- $14.22, Amazon
This was the first product I ever tried from Aquage, and I am thoroughly glad I did. It had a light "salon-y" smell, and conditions wonderfully. I personally buy large tubs of it through my salon, but you can also buy them through Amazon. The tubs last around 6 weeks for me, with washing my hair every other day. 

2. Clear Total Care Conditioner- $4.99, Target
Oh, this conditioner. It will save you. Even when it is not used with a shampoo from the Clear line, it still out preforms any conditioner I have purchased at the drugstore. The smell is wonderful, and leaves hair feeling luxurious. Prior to buying high-end haircare from my salon, this was a staple in my shower. Even the stylists at work would compliment me on the smell and feel of my hair. And let me tell you, when a professional compliments you on your hair, it feels like a thumbs-up from Karl Lagerfeld on an outfit, or a kiss from Adam Levine. You choose. 

3. Moroccanoil Hydration Conditioner- $22.80, moraccanoil.com
Again, two words: Princess Hair. The smell of this will make your eyes roll back and a small smile touch your lips, and the feel of your hair will make you want to keep one hand permanently attached to your head. 

After-care Products: 

These are the products I use after I wash my hair, to style, and to refresh my hair. 

1. Aquage Silkening Oil Treatment- $31.59, Amazon
First, I used a bottle of the Moroccanoil Oil treatment, which unfortunately did nothing for me. I was hesitant to try another oil treatment, but alas, this product kept calling my name. They sell travel size bottles which I suggest you try before buying the big kahuna, but you will not be disappointed. Just one/two pumps of this stuff in damp hair, and you will have silky soft hair, just as it's name suggests. This stuff is pricey, but let me be the first to tell you that it will last you at least 3/4 months, maybe longer depending on how often you shampoo.

 2. Moroccanoil Heat Protectant- $28.00, moroccanoil.com

Let's be honest second-day hair great for styling and the wonderful pony-tail day, yet it is a necessary evil when it comes to smell. It seems hair looses all the yummy smelliness it had the day before during the eight hours we are asleep. However, even when I am not planning on doing heat styling on my second day hair, I still will spritz this in for the wonderful smell. It also does work well with heat protecting, and I can tell a huge difference when I forget to use it. 

3. Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo, 2.5 oz- $21.00

I could use a whole blog post writing about my trials and tribulations with the dry shampoo world, or I could rave about this bad boy. I choose the latter. 
This dry shampoo is pretty much my main squeeze. The light citrus-y/lemon-y scent helps combat the second day hair smell, and it soaks up oil in a pinch. My steps for using this however, are very precise. I do not use this on the morning of the second day, but rather the night of the first day. Odd, I know, but trust me, there is a method to the madness. Generally, when I wait to the second day to put in dry shampoo, my hair is too long gone. What looked like only a little oil the night before has stretched to an inch of oil all over, forcing me to shampoo again. To avoid this, I apply this at night, and let it works its magic overnight. I go straight from nozzle, which might be too much for some, but for me works fine. I should also mention that I am blonde, which allows this to blend in a lot easier. For those who have dark hair, you can put about a dime/quarter amount in your hands, rub together, and comb through your hair with your fingers, keeping your palms and fingers as close to the root as possible. 

So now that I have shared everything about my hair, I hope you share some of your favorites, too! I hope you enjoyed! 

Stay Excellent, 

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