The Goal

The goal here is simple: I want to help at least one person discover the beauty that they didn't know they have. 

Are you cringing at the cliche-ness of that last sentence yet? I know I kind of did when I began to type it. But, its true. I want to help you, yes YOU. I live for this stuff; it's my passion. I love to enlighten other women as much as I can, whenever I can with the plethora of information regarding cosmetics and beauty that I have retained over the years. It's funny, I often say I have a photographic memory that is as selective as male hearing--I can remember my entire Sephora wish list, but sophomore year in high school I couldn't remember one of the pivotal lines in JFK's inaugural speech for History class. My priorities, you see. 

Every post you read on here will be for you. It's the least I could do for all the women who have helped me through my awkward sparkle frost eyeshadow phase to now. I'm paying it forward, ladies.

So, thank you for stopping by, and I hope you stick around for a while. Take off your shoes, even. If your nice, I might share my peach tea with you...just a small glass though; its getting harder to find nowadays. And finally, get ready for my witty (at least I like to think so), sassy, stream-of-consciousness posts. Cheers.

Stay Excellent, 

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