Sunday, June 8, 2014

Nails for Breakfast...

Trader Joe's Cookie Butter for snacks. Haha, gotcha. On the real though, have you tried that stuff? I read the back and the first two ingredients are Angel Tears and Rainbow Dust. Serious.

Anyway, I recently went to Target to get a new bottle of my favorite nail polish EVER, Essie's Pink Diamond and a new bottle of Seche Vite. But, as everyone knows I am a beauty-inclined girl, and so, we beauty-inclined girls cannot be held responsible for our actions when in a cosmetics section. So, I might have gotten a few more colors than I intended. Sue me. 

In order of appearance:

  • Essie Bikini So Teeny- the color everyone has heard about. It is a perfect powdery blue that complements every skin tone, ranging from pink and fair to golden and tan. That in itself is quite the feat, seeing as though pulling off blues and greens can be a difficult task when you are as translucent as me. It is a great color for toes, oddly enough. I've seen at least three girls with it, and each time I am I compliment them on how great it looks.
  • Essie Pink Diamond- MY MAIN SQUEEZE. This color and I have history. I have bought at least five bottles of this stuff over the past three years. Its the perfect pearly pink, and will stay on your nails like no other (I once wore it for 10 days, NO chipping--just regrowth and fading on my pointer fingers). 
  • Essie Plumberry- a purple/winey red. I love my berry colors all year round, and this is the perfect color that sophisticated enough for work, yet bold enough for summer. A great toes color, too!
  • Essie E-nuf is E-nuf- a fiery, orangey red. I love reds like this; it is the perfect twist on the classic red, making it a staple for summer. Wonderful for toes, as well--the orangey undertones will make you look tanner!
Price: $8.59/ polish

As for application, they are all the classic two-application. Bikini So Teeny was a hair away from being opaque on the first coat, but still give it a second one just to cover your bases. Pink Diamond will give you a nice sheen on the first coat, but its definitely a two coater. If you really want a pearly gleam, go for three coats! I've done it a few times, and it really makes them stand out. When it comes to both Plumberry and E-nuf is E-nuf, both could pass inspection with one coat, but give them two just to be safe. But, if you need a quick polish change for an event or simply just don't have the time, one coat will work. However, be ready to redo/touch-up in a day or two, because the formulation is a little thin. 
I also picked up a base coat and top coat during my rampage. 
  • Essie's Ridge Filler Base Coat, $8.59- From time to time, my nails split. This mainly happens when I'm stressed, due to me absentmindedly chewing on them. I'm recently coming down from a major stressor: the final month of high school. In the past month, I went to my cousin's wedding in Phoenix, took an AP exam the day after I got back, took my senior exams (only had 3, thank the Lord), and went through all the pomp and ceremony that goes with graduation. Phew. Needless to say, my nails took a beating. So, I decided to try this, because I hate it when I have an uneven looking nail--I want them to look glawcy, not cracked. 
  • Seche Vite, ~$7.99- My FAVORITE top coat. It will dry your nails in no time, and provide a glawcy finish. The only down side is the smell--it's reminiscent of dry erase markers. Thankfully, once it's dry, the smell goes away. 
Happy painting, ladies!

Stay Excellent,

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