Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Shopping Spoils: HauteLook and Lush

HauteLook: the website you have all heard of. Some of you might of been on it, some of you might have made an account. Maybe some of you peruse it on the daily, and have the app on every piece of technology you own *raises hand with gusto*.

To be honest I don't purchase from HauteLook all too often. I tend to stick to the beauty side of it, and generally the brands that they have on sale aren't well known. However, there is always the diamond in the rough waiting for me to pluck it up. My most recent purchase is no exception.

Tommy Bahama St. Barts Eau De Parfum Spray, 3.4 oz- $65.00 $19.50

When I think of Tommy Bahama, I generally think of the shirts my Dad wears when we are on vacation--A.K.A. his version of "snappy casual." Little did I realize that they made more than Dad-shirts (you know exactly what I am talking about, your Dad has them, too). However, after reading the fragrance notes ("Floral and citrus top notes complement a heart of frosty tequila sorbet") I thought hey, that sounds pretty darn summery. And sure enough, I was not disappointed. It essentially smells like a fresh, clean cocktail. Yummy. And, I'm just saying, the bottle is so large it will last me until I can actually consume one legally. 

Lush: the store that you hear about all the time. The store that is raved about by YouTubers. The store with the website you go on to browse the merchandise, with the browsing session generally ending with an audible jaw-drop at a shampoo's price tag of $32 dollars. 

 I finally bit the bullet when it came to my most recent Lush purchase. It had been a year since my last, and I recently came across some very welcome graduation money--S/O to Grandma Eileen. So, I thought, treat yo' self. 

Lush Solid Shampoos in Godiva and Seanik- $11.95 each
Solid Shampoo Bar Tins- $3.95 each

The basics about these two Shampoos: Godiva is a deeply moisturizing shampoo with a jasmine scent, and Seanik is a volumizing shampoo that smells like the elusive "sea minerals" scent--A.K.A. fresh. I have had my eye on these two, and just solid shampoos in general, for months now. I was taken in by their compact design, travel friendliness, and the fact that they are supposed to last for moooonths (3/4 depending on how often you shampoo). Finally, they got me; it was something I just had to try. The only thing I was weary about was the fact that they all contain Sulfates, the agent that allows them to lather up so quickly. However, the reviews on both said that it wasn't really an issue, so I decided to give it a go. Originally, I just wanted Godiva, but then I saw Seanik. About two years ago, I had purchased the famous Big shampoo from Lush, loved it. Essentially, I thought that Seanik would be a solid form of Big. Although sharing the same idea with the common theme of the sea, the scents are completely different; I prefer Big much more. However, Seanik still smells good, and I am itching to try these out. If you are interested, I have provided a how-to video on how to use the solid shampoos below. 

Dark Angels Cleanser, 3.5 oz- $12.95

"Brighten dull, oily skin with this gentle charcoal scrub."

As soon as I saw that this product contained charcoal, I was all over it. Charcoal is becoming the new ingredient for oily skin when it comes to skin care. I am already using a charcoal scrub made by Garnier, but I can guarantee this will have way more kick to it. The smell leaves much to be desired, but with the first ingredient being "Rhassoul Mud", you really can't expect much, can you? But, it's not the smell, its the power behind it!

*Side note- it contains Black Sugar; never heard of it, but Google claims it is a common ingredient in Asian cooking. Pretty bad-ass, no? 

American Cream Conditioner Sample, prices varying from $9.95 t0 $32.95 for full size
I Love Juicy Shampoo Sample, prices varying from $9.95 to $29.95 for full size

When checking out from Lush, they allow you to choose from about five samples, similar to Sephora or Ulta. I chose these two, because I have heard that I Love Juicy had great cleansing power, and American Cream was said to smell like a strawberry milkshake. Done and done. American Cream does indeed smell very milkshake-y (you will understand once you smell it in person, trust) and I Love Juicy smells of citrus. Not bad, huh? 

Reviews of all the products will be coming soon! If the price tag of these products scare you as they did me, just remember, TREAT YO SELF! 

Stay Excellent, 

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