The name is Allie, the life is normal, and the future is unknown. 

What do I write here? You already know I am keen on all things beauty, but what about the other things that make up my life? 

Welp, here are a few things. I am going to college, I want to move to the PNW, and I am strangely fascinated by all things involving 18th century France. I love writing, reading and I consider Elizabeth Bennet a bad-ass, sassy heroine. I am 6 foot, and I must admit the view is great from up here, although the pant inseams and shower head heights are not. I love baseball (particularly the Washington Nationals and certain player with the number 20), and my car's name is Nellie. I love using big words that I come across accidentally, my favorite being "antediluvian". I love the rain, especially during the day. I view coffee as the nectar of the gods, and peach tea as my kryptonite. 

My view on makeup? 

"...the secret to wearing make-up is to make it look like you're not wearing any."- Becky, Full House

There, I think I covered it all. 

Stay Excellent, 


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  1. This blog you've created is so inspiring. I thoroughly enjoy reading it because of how your passion shines through every post. Keep it up, love!


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