Monday, June 15, 2015

Going "Topless and Barefoot"...

No shoes, no shirt, no problem, right?

Although this might not apply to every situation we encounter, it certainly does when it comes to my latest guilt pleasure, Essie's "Topless and Barefoot". I wore this shade for nearly the entire month of April, half way through May, and finally have it back on after getting rid of my gel. In short, it's perfect: it's nude with a pink/neutral undertone, opaque, and lasts much longer than a lot of the other Essie shades I have. I have to say that this shade is truly one of a kind; I scoured OPI's website, Google Images, and the nail polish racks at Target and I could find no shade that measured up to T&B. Most nudes are what I refer to as "milky" (think OPI's Bubblebath or Essie's Mademoiselle)--aka, you can see still see your nail after two coats and need at least four to achieve ideal opaqueness. I had long given up on trying to find a great nude/blush shade until a friend of mine bought this for our school's annual fashion show she was modeling in. At first, I thought I would just "indefinitely borrow" it *wink*, but finally made the plunge on one of my biweekly trips to Target. 

It's no secret how popular blush and nude colors have become--its been a staple in footwear and on the red carpet for years, and nearly every makeup line has something like "nude," "naked," or "skin" in the title of at least one of their products. But, "nude" doesn't mean the same for everyone. I love the fact that brands are starting to release shades of lingerie, footwear, and nail polish in nude shades that work for all skin tones. Below is a look at the nudes available at Lauren B, a polish and nail care line available on Amazon and Anthropologie. 

Happy Painting!

Stay Excellent, 

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