Saturday, June 20, 2015

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia

After adding Acqua di Gioia to my Sephora wish list two years ago, I finally purchased a tester back in March that is still going strong. I recently picked up a backup so I didn't have to be without what I consider one of the most universally pleasing scents I've ever come across. Notes of mint, lemon, and pink pepper blend wonderfully to create a fragrance that will give you an endless string of compliments.

Acqua di Gioia is available in four sizes (Rollerball for $21, 1 oz for $45, 1.7 oz for $69, 3.4 oz for $89 @ Sephora and Ulta). If we are keeping it real, I found all the sizes on Amazon for the cheap cheap, so it's definitely worth a look if you're interested. My first bottle, a 1 oz., has lasted for about three months with daily spritzes, so I would say there is definitely some bang to your buck.

As for lasting power, this also packs a bang. Even though my nose has become used it, I still catch whiffs of it throughout the day, and it lingers on items I've already worn or items that aren't washed often (scarves, vests, coats, etc.). As I mentioned before, this is an extremely complimenting fragrance, and men and women of all ages have commented on how good it smells. It's not overwhelming, as one would expect from a citrusy, fresh perfume, so it would be ideal for someone who works in close spaces with others or someone who simply doesn't like their fragrance to be overpowering. 

As with most perfumes, I find the packaging to be a tad lacking. Of course, they are supposed delicate and pretty in nature, but that still doesn't make up for the fact that I am scared to drop this eight inches above a carpeted floor. But alas, it has passed the travel test, having been on both the road trip back from school and to Las Vegas for a wedding. 

So go ahead and give it a whiff next time your out...your nose will thank you! 

Happy spritzing!

Stay Excellent, 

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