Sunday, July 19, 2015

It's a 10

I'd rename this to It's an 11, it's that good.

It's a 10 has been a product that has come in and out of my life for years. It was sold at the salon I worked at, many stylists used it, and one of my closest friends (who, by the way, always had killer hair) swore by it. But I just never went for it. My Moroccanoil and Aquage Silkening Oil both cost around $30, and I couldn't bring myself to pay that much for a product I just viewed as a detangler.

It takes a strong person to admit they are wrong, and I, today on the 20th anniversary of the cinematic classic, Clueless, acknowledge my faults. Alas, It's a 10 is everything.

Now that I am in South Carolina, the near constant humidity leaves my normally pretty well-behaved hair dry, flat, and slightly frizzy. In fact, the last time I had hair this bad I was in Cancun for a wedding. Thankfully, my hair returned to its natural state after the first wash back in the States. But no such luck here in Charleston.

Yet, in my week of putting it's a 10 to the test, my hair has never been softer or smoother. I'm finding myself not having to brush it as much, and the scent lingers for absolute ages. Today I am operating on second day hair, and still my hair feels just as soft as it did yesterday and smells great, a true testament to the strength of the product.

Now, as the "SAMPLE: not for resale" might suggest, I received this product as a tester from Ulta. It's pretty healthy for a sample size, coming it at 2 oz, and I see it hanging on for quite a while. The two actual sizes available for purchase are the 4 oz. and 10 oz., for $18 and $36, respectively. I find the latter being quite the steal, and I could see definitely lasting for a year, if not longer.

My only word of advice would be to use caution if you are interested in the Keratin version of this product. Keratin, can be great at restoring the hair, but can have an adverse effect if used too much. The "For Blondes" version seems interesting, coming with UV protection and toners to keep the hair from becoming too brassy, but unfortunately it doesn't come in in a 10 oz. size.

All in all, I say go for it! There are 2 oz. sizes available on Amazon for around 5-7 dollars if you want to test it out before making the big plunge.

Happy Spritzing!

Stay Excellent, 

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