Friday, July 17, 2015

MAC Turquatic

With one of the fragrance notes being anemone, a.k.a. Nemo's house, what's not to love?
To be honest, I had never really heard much chatter about this fragrance. Only a handful of beauty gurus that I follow on YouTube have ever mentioned it, and I feel like it's a somewhat unexpected product for MAC to have. Between the 217 brush, Soft & Gentle, and All that Glitters, it would seem that Turquatic has faded into the background. But just like Ruby Woo, Turquatic should be experienced at least once, and then worn time and time again.

With three sizes available (rollerball, 20 mL and 50 mL), and at a price point of under $50 for the largest, Turquatic falls onto the slightly cheaper end of the high end fragrance world. It contains notes of "lotus, orris, Corsican blue cedar," and the aforementioned anemone. Fun fact for ya, orris is apparently a popular ingredient gin! The Corsican blue cedar gives the scent a hint of musk which aids in the longevity, and the lotus adds a touch of florals to the top note. 

Initially, the perfume smells a tad alcohol-y...or maybe that's just the orris talking *smirk*. This goes away once the fragrance has dried down, and after a while the main note is simply musk. I wore this for around four hours, and I feel that it is important to note that two and half of those four hours were spent at an outdoor mall in the South Carolina sun. As you may guess, it proved no match the Southern heat, but few do, yours truly included. I reapplied it before going shopping indoors at Target, and interestingly I could still catch a whiff of it after a quick shower when I got home. 

All in all, I would recommend this if you like fresh, clean scents that are sea-inspired. The scent isn't intimidating at all, so could definitely have seen my high school self wearing it, and would recommend it to anyone wanting to buy an introductory fragrance for a teenage girl. The mature nose would also make it great for those beyond school into young professionalism, and the wallet-friendly price tag won't break a college budget. 

Happy spritzing!

Stay Excellent,

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