Friday, December 5, 2014

Time After Time

First things first, it's my birthday. Alas, I am the year that doesn't count, 19. Haha, just kidding, but seriously, you have to admit that turning 19 doesn't have nearly as much pizzazz as 18 or 20. 

But I digress. So, as the christmas season rolls around, you guys are probably thinking about what you want to put on your list to Santa *wink wink*. I think that one of the most practical, yet highly fashionable things you can ask for is a watch. Personally, I received mine as a gift two years ago, and pretty much haven't taken it off since. So, in the post I will show you my top picks for watches at all price points (except for Rolexes and the like...ain't nobody got time for 7k on a watch). 

The first and most wallet-friendly watch that I found was from Anne Klein at Nordstrom. Personally, I love how it comes with multiple layering pieces, and its very reminiscent of Henri Bendel, but probably a quarter of the price. 

The next watch that I found is from Marc Jacobs, and in my opinion you can never go wrong with a timeless gold watch. The large face and small band is very in, and gives the oversized/boyfriend trend a girly chic charm. 

Alas, the watch that probably every preppy blogger has. The face of this Kate Spade watch is clean and fresh, adding just a little pop to a understated outfit. Again, it has a large face, and I would personally opt for a larger face over smaller any day.  
  I threw this Michael Kors watch in for fun, because I love the tortoise trend I love the braided band, with just adds an extra element to the already trendy piece. Also, it is very pratical, having the day and month available on the face, just in case you don't have a calendar handy. 

Stay Excellent, 

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