Saturday, January 24, 2015

All About Argan Magic

It seems that in the past year, there were a few trigger words that would make any beauty enthusiast's ears perk up. For skincare, it was "charcoal", for makeup it was "vamp" and for hair it was "argan oil". For years I used Moroccanoil, the wonderful yet obscenely price hair care line to the stars. Even with my employee discount, Moroccanoil still cost a pretty penny, and going into college I decided to forgo the 35 dollar bottles of conditioner and begin my quest for something comparable. Over Christmas break, I came across Argan Magic on Hautelook and decided to give it a go. Want to know my thoughts? Read on!
Let's begin with the basics. I purchased:

Argan Magic Moisturizing Conditioner for Dry Damaged Hair 32 fl. oz.--$12.00 (Hautelook)

Argan Magic Hydrating Conditioner for Dry Damaged Hair, 32 fl. oz. --$12.00 (Hautelook)
Argan Magic Argan Oil Enriched Restorative Hair Mask, 8 oz.--$10.50 (Hautelook)
Argan Magic 100% Pure Argan Oil, 4.5 fl. oz.--$24.00 (Hautelook) 

All for a grand total of: $67.17 (Including tax and shipping)

Some other things I think you should know:

-The consistency is VERY watery, pretty much on par with your average moisturizing shampoo. I was extremely nervous about this, seeing as thought I tend to go for conditioners that have some substance to them. In my head, the thicker the conditioner, the more moisturizing it will be. However, I was pleasantly surprised that despite the consistency, it moisturized my hair better than any conditioner I have used in quite some time (dare I say, better than Moroccanoil? insert shocked emoji here). 

-The smell of the conditioners and mask can be described as the typical fresh, salon-y scent. Some other users have described it as "fruity", and I can definitely pick up on that as well. If you have ever used the Wella Post Service Treatment (it's available on Amazon and some salons use it after colors and highlights), the smell is very akin to that. 

-I bought this off of Hautelook (you don't say), so finding it on there is kind of a hit or miss thing. I would suggest downloading the app and signing up, just so you can stay abreast of will it will be on next by checking their upcoming events. I believe it is available every few months, if memory serves. It is also available on Amazon for around the same price, and many people mentioned that you can find it in TJ Maxx or Marshalls.

-The 100% Pure Argan Oil, according to the ingredient label, only contains "Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil". Now, the amount of differing opinions on Argan oil floating around the internet is enough to try the patience of a saint. From what I can recall, they say it really shouldn't have a smell (check) and should be be housed in a dark colored, glass bottle (half check--its in plastic). Compared to Moroccanoil, the ingredient list is 1 to Moroccanoil's ~15. 
Personally, I use it on my second-day hair, the night before I am going to wash it. This stuff is technically supposed to be used on the body, and they make a specific hair oil, but I don't really see the harm seeing as though its not going on freshly washed hair. In the morning, it is pretty much absorbed, and my hope is that over time it will help protect my ends.

All in all, I LOVE this brand and all the products is has to offer. I will definitely make the switch over from Moroccanoil when it comes to the conditioners, no holds barred. However, the only product I am still on the fence about is the oil itself. My hair absorbed the Moroccanoil better, but perhaps that is due to the fact that it was actually formulated to be used for hair, rather than all over the body. 

I definitely recommend you give this brand a go, because you really can't beat the price or quality. 

Stay Excellent, 


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