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The Month in Favorites: June 2014

The month of June came and went in about two and a half blinks, but I must say that it was a very satisfying four weeks. After getting over all the pomp and ceremony of graduation (and the melancholy, bittersweet feeling that goes along with it), I finally got to take a breath and go on a much needed vacation. I also started this blog, which I must say is my first and most important favorite of the month. 

And as for the rest, here are my favorites for the month of June:  

Soap and Glory Clean on Me Body Wash, $16.00 (Sephora)--A few months ago, I purchased Flake Away from Soap and Glory, and immediately fell in love with their wonderful, trademark scent--fizzy, peachy goodness. Every time I've visited Sephora over the past couple of months (which is more than I care to admit), I always wander over to the Soap and Glory stand, and get a whiff of the majestic scent just once more. And every time, I would always pass up buying the body wash, telling myself that I have enough at home. BUT ALAS! I finally ran out, and two weeks ago I buckled down and bought it. Oh ma gah. Does this smell good and work wonderfully. It has a built in lotion that actually moisturizes, which is great if you use fake tan like me, seeing as though it will prevent any scaliness. It cleanses well, and the smell lingers for a few hours after showering. Five stars all the way. 

Lush Black Angels Scrub,  $12.95-$31.95 (Lush Stores and online)--I won't go too much into this seeing as though I reviewed it a few weeks ago, but I must say that I still only have good things to say about it. My oil production has significantly declined after using this, and I am finding that my blackheads are becoming easier to extract. Furthermore, I am experiencing hardly any breakouts, save for two that were hormonal (grrrr). DEFINITELY check this out. 

OGX Sea Mineral Moisture Conditioner, ~$7.99 (Various Drugstores)--To be honest, I bought this conditioner on a whim whilst in Arizona for my cousin's wedding back in May. I thought, "Hey this smells really good!" and I had to rush to buy something because my dad refused to come into the store (men, *sigh*). Once I got back from Arizona, however, I forgot about it and it went missing under my sink for about three weeks. Last week, I figured that I should try it out again and boy, am I glad I did. This conditioner is one of the few that keeps my hair soft on it's second day; generally, my hair will dry out and feel stringy on the second day with drugstore conditioners. I would definitely recommend this if you are on a budget or trying to find an alternative to high end haircare. 

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation, $14.99 (Ulta)--Oh my, have I been digging on this foundation. I purchased it about two years ago, and forgot about it. Yet a few months ago, I repurchased it because their shade Ivory is one of the few shades that matches me at my palest. And last month, I picked it up in my fake tan shade, Natural Beige. I've tested it on multiple occasions, and it has never once failed me: a wedding in Arizona that went well into the night, graduation in the rain, multiple crazy work shifts, and a muggy day out in high 80s. It keeps oil at bay, yet looks natural with a slight sheen to the skin that believe it or not works AHMAZINGLY on oily skin. It has even outperformed my MUFE Mat Velvet and Tarte Amazonian Clay. 
P.S. The packaging takes me places. Very happy, Chanel-esque places. Plus, even though it's glass, it won't break... don't ask me how I know (two words: bathroom floor). 

Maybelline SuperStay Concealer, $7.99 (Ulta)--This stuff is my secret weapon. I feel like no one knows it exists, yet every person I've suggested it to has fallen in love with it. I recently started using it again and realized why it is such a godsend. It stays on FOREVAH, and will not crease, budge, or fade. Yes, puh-lease. 

Make Up For Ever Duo Mat Powder Foundation, $34 (Sephora)--Since the beginning of 2014 I have jumped on the powder foundation bandwagon, first with bareMinerals, then Kat Von D, and now this. I personally like this the best coverage-wise and finish-wise (Kat's got a little dewy by the end of the day), especially when I wear it over BB cream or liquid foundation. When I am going for full-fledged coverage, I use my Revlon Colorstay whipped with this over top and a setting powder (excessive, I know). To get even more coverage, I use a small, dense brush and blend it under my eyes and on the errant spot. I would definitely recommend checking this out to anyone who suffers from oily/combo skin, but probably not for normal or dry. 

Essie E-nuf is E-nuff Nail polish, $7.99 (Target)--This has been the color of choice for the past month. It gives the elusion of being tanner, and it is a great toes color. I find that it does chip easily from time to time if you are doing a lot of manual labor, but it hasn't faded or chipped on my toes at all. Give it a go!

Exfoliating Cotton Pads, $2.99 (Various Drugstores)--On the days that I am wearing my full coverage face, I use Bioderma along with an exfoliating cotton pad before washing my face to ensure I get all of my makeup off. The little dots are delicately tough (what an oxymoron, right?) as in they get everything off without being too harsh. They also work better at getting nail polish off than normal cotton pads. The pads are double sided, so I would suggest using the softer side for applying toner rather than the dotted side.

As for non-beauty favorites, this month has been an amazing month for music. 

I have been obsessed with Coldplay's new album, Ghost Stories, so much so that I recommended it my Dad, the man who is stuck in the 1970s. It is honestly one of the most romantic albums I've heard in a while, with nearly each song focusing on Chris Martin's relationship with Gwenyth Paltrow. It is also one of the few albums in my entire iTunes library that where I can listen to it in all of its entirety, without having to skip over a song that I don't particularly like. There really isn't a 2014 version of "Fix You" on this album, but still, each song is beautiful in a chill, relaxing, dreamy way. 

On the opposite end of the love spectrum is Sam Smith's album, In the Lonely Hour, which tells the melancholy, relatable tale of unrequited love. May I just say that Sam (we are on first name terms, of course *wink*) has one of the most soulful voices that I have ever heard. When I hear "Leave your Lover" and "Stay With Me", I physically clutch my chest, the music is so heartrendingly wonderful. And I may or may not have danced around the house to "Like I Can" every day this week. If you get the chance, I would recommend looking up some of his songs live on YouTube. He sounds amazing live, better than the album version, which is rare trait amongst singers nowadays. He is also incredibly humble. I've watched a few interviews with him, and he is just so lovable. Good Lord, I might have new man crush on my hands. 

Now, we are entering into the realm of upbeat, catchy, summery music. Although her album came out a year ago, I have recently become very well acquainted with Charli XCX's album True Romance. After hearing her in 2014's summer anthem, "Fancy", I decided to look her up, seeing as though her voice reminded me a lot of Marina and the Diamonds. Within a few days, I was hooked on this album. "Nuclear Seasons" and "You're the One" are my top two, but the whole one is filled with sick beats and catchy lines. She also has a song called "Boom Clap" on the Fault in Our Stars soundtrack, which is definitely worth giving a listen. In short, you won't be disappointed. 

As for the single I cannot get out of my head, it is Wilkinson's "Afterglow". I heard it a few months back after clicking on it randomly on YouTube. It has a really good (and slightly provocative) music video, funnily enough, with a catchy song to boot. It features the vocals of Becky Hill who was on The Voice UK, but unfortunately they aren't credited. Nevertheless, she has an amazing voice; it's rich and almost sultry, and all in all unique. It's too bad this song was only released in the UK! It took me nearly 7 months to discover it!

And last but not least, the following song I have dubbed my personal song of summer 2014, drum roll please...

I first heard this song in it's original version, but I must say (and this is INCREDIBLY RARE) the remix is much better. This song was featured in the movie Endless Love, which, let's be honest, sucked. I mean, seriously, no teenage boy would ever openly talk about love and life in front of his girlfriend's entire family, especially her disapproving father. But, I digress. Although the film left much to be desired, I can say that this song made up for a lot. While watching the movie, at home (not in a movie theater, rude!) I scoured the internet trying to find this song. Sure enough, IMDb came through and now my life is forever changed. This is the ultimate singing with the windows down song. Enjoy. 

Happy Listening and Reading!

Stay Excellent, 

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