Saturday, October 11, 2014

For Your Consideration: College Do's and Don'ts

I am about two months into the whole college thing, so it's safe to say that I am an expert. Jokes. However, I thought I would go ahead and share a few things I did and didn't do when it came to college. Shall we commence?

Here are the things I DID do:

1) I chose an all-girls education. If I had a dollar for all the jokes/stares of horror and shock I got when I said I wanted to go to an all girls college, I would be neck deep in mula. But, let's think about this clearly. Now that I am here, I can say that it honestly is the best learning and social environment I have ever been in. Since we don't have boys running around, we can just straight up be comfortable around one another. This is especially evident in class, where we can freely express our opinions, give speeches and ask questions without feeling embarrassed. Our environment is solely based on educating and empowering women, and already I am feeling its impact.

2) I went out of state. This is probably one of the toughest decisions people have to make when choosing a school. In the end, I'm glad my school is far from home--it instills a sense of maturity. Of course, it does get rough when all your friends go home for the weekend, and there will be times you wish you could do the same, but remember this--there are others in your same boat. And, if all else fails, remember that the WiFi will be hella stronger with half the school gone.

3) I am rooming alone. A lot of you might be thinking, whoa, no roommate? Yes, that is indeed the case. My school offers single occupancy, and I knew that it would probably be a good option for me the more and more I thought about it. Simply put, I need my alone time to recharge. I also have my kitty here, and I couldn't imagine sharing a room with someone and having Benjamin about stepping on each other's toes. However, I do have a suite mate, and we both agreed that we have the perfect set up; we hang out together when we are both here, but we always have the option of going back to our own space. So if it is available, look into it. You don't miss out on the college experience any less, and you get to be a hermit when needed.

And here are the things I didn't do:

1) I haven't rushed...yet. It may seem odd that a women's college has sororities, but alas we do: Kappa Delta and Tri Sigma. I personally didn't rush right away because it seemed like too much going on at once--I was in a new state, new surroundings, and it was two weeks into school. Plus, I was sick, which put a major damper on things. However, my school offers informal rush in the spring, which is something I am definitely looking forward to. Also, a lot of schools are starting to make the rush process start second semester, giving the students the first semester to get acclimated. Personally, it only took me a about a month to get acclimated fully, but I see where they are coming from. Keep in mind that you can even rush as a sophomore, so don't feel overwhelmed if you don't have to!

2) I didn't bring a car. Probably one of the biggest mistakes on my part. If your school allows freshmen to have a car, BRING IT. You might not need it everyday, but seriously, it's rough not having it as an option. I feel kind like a 14-year-old who's mom has to drop her off at the movies. Thankfully, I have a ton of girls I can rely on for a ride, but seriously. It tough not having my Nellie here with me.

All in all, I hope this helps a few of you. It's October, and I remember this being crunch time last year. It's amazing how quickly time flies!

Stay Excellent,

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